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The Ana bathtub SS5450CCP 5-Function nose dance band Shower System can provide you with good thanks to upgrading your shower while not having to use any variety of tools. You ought not to use any variety of tool, screwdrivers, or wrenches. You merely install the total factor along with your hands. The five operate isn't just for the nose. however, the best handheld shower. You’ll be able to have that one amongst a sort showering expertise. What makes it even higher is that the indisputable fact that it's really a water saver, therefore you'll be able to save cash on your water bill. This can be a good showering package.


best handheld showe head reviews

Showerheads are normally made of metal or plastic. They’re additionally immune to the damaging effects of pressurized or heated water. Ana tub SS5450CBN is created of plastic ABS (Acrylonitrile hydrocarbon styrene). This kind of plastic is immune to impact, is hard and warmth resistant. It’s additional among the foremost cheap materials for the development a good vary of merchandise.


A water head must have a hose that conducts water from source to the spray heads. It can be made of different materials just like showerheads. However, most showerhead Companies use the same material used to make the showerhead for the hose.

Look and design

best handheld shower head reviews

Among most vital reasons for selecting a specific complete of a nose is to boost the looks of a toilet. As antecedently, mentioned, greatly designed showerheads offer the most effective once it involves cosmetic sweetening of a toilet. Besides the fabric used, the color conjointly matters. It’s vital to settle on a nose with a color that matches the inside décor of your toilet. These accessories are available totally different colors and it's upon you to settle on the color that suits your desires.

Elegance shower system

The brushed nickel end provides magnificence to the present shower system. Each the showers area unit five functioned and five inches long. The diverter mount of the shower system is decent huge and is 3-way. The entire set contains four things particularly. Extra PVD coating gives corrosion resistance, uniform deposit, brightness, hardness, electric sander surface, and most significantly environment-friendliness.


best handheld shower head reviews

The best half is that the simple installation. Once you compare this to all or any of the opposite models out there, you'll apprehend that not solely is it simple to try to, however, it's less trouble and work. It’s not the solely higher category, it's practical, enticing and can match those that value thrice the maximum amount. What may build this even higher is that the indisputable fact that it's a period of time warranty? Several alternative competitors won’t even provide that. The entire practicality can keep you cheerful, and it’s simple to wash.

Ana bathtub SS5450CBN may be a featured dance band shower system with sixty inches of versatile hose made up of stainless-steel. It provides the tight rate of 2.31GPM (or eight.37 liter-per-minute). However, like each alternative shower system nose and hand-held dance band accessible within the market Ana bathtub SS5450CBN has its own minor problems that have to be explored before creating an absolute purchase. Following may be a list of all the options and flaws noncommissioned as professionals and cons provided by this dance band shower system:


1. Each showers area unit 5-function featured with 5-inch length.

2. Diverter mount is huge and is 3-way.

3. Shower hose is created from stainless-steel and is of exceptional length (60 inches).

4. Water economical.​

5. The tight rate of two.31GPM (8.37 LPM).

6. Robust and sensible PVD coating.

7. Anti-twist brass cone-shaped nut & brass nut.

8. Settings embody, saturating pressure spray, massage spray, effervescent spray, saturating spray, and massage spray.​

​9. Eco-friendly, no harmful chemical deposit.

10. Toilet multi-function dance band shower system.

11. Time period guarantee is provided by Ana bathtub on this dance band shower system.​


1. Both, the pinnacle shower and therefore the hand shower can’t be turned-off at the same time.

2. No liquid ecstasy pressure setting is accessible.

3. Costlier, not a budget obtains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Can you have both shower heads on at same time?

​Answer: Yes - you can blend both heads at the same time or switch between one and the other.

Q. ​I will be putting this in a new shower. What else will I need? What about temp on/off valve?

Answer: We didn't need anything else to install shower head. I'm not sure what you mean by a temp on/off valve. I adjust the water temp through the existing faucets.

Q. Are you using twice when both shower heads are running?

Answer: Using both heads at the same time results in a much gentler stream from both heads. I prefer the most vigorous flow from a single head. We have not measured to determine if the overall flow is double, but I do not think so.

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Final Verdict

This hand-held Shower and nose jazz group may be an exceptional jazz group shower system with a good set of options. It's long shower hose (of 60-inch) made up of chrome steel. The 2.31GPM flow is good and saves water as compared to the quality jazz group shower systems that give the flow of 2.5GPM. Sturdy PVD coating provides corrosion resistance and adds strength to the entire lavatory multi-function jazz group shower system. Overall, Ana tub SS5450CBN may be a shower system with a moderate tag.

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