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Do you want to induce yourself the simplest shower head? Well, then you're about to very love the hotelspa® all chrome five setting LED/LCD hand-held shower-head with lighted LED temperature show. Multi-function semiconductor diode hand-held shower with temperature show by HotelSpa is that the world's most advanced semiconductor diode hand shower! This semiconductor diode shower is used as a semiconductor diode overhead shower or a semiconductor diode hand shower!

This semiconductor diode shower system options associate in nursing extra-large 4.25-inch chrome face, inherent automatic temperature sensing element with color-changing lighted display, a 3-zone exactitude spiral flow dial, rub clean jets, a click-action lever, associate in nursing angle-adjustable overhead bracket, associate in nursing extra-flexible stainless-steel hose, and 5-settings, admire power rain, rhythmic massage, hydrating mist, and water-saving economy rain and pause modes.

best handheld shower head review

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It thus snugs to use and contains a powerful spray system to induce you well soaked in order that you'll be clean. And it permits you to launder the soap okay. This fine quality hand-held nozzle is unquestionably definitely worth the cash that you simply pay for it because it can operate okay on a usual for you and everyone your members of the family.


This hotelspa® all chrome five setting LED/LCD hand-held shower-head with lighted LED temperature show actually could be a luxurious shower head that's convenient therein it's hand-held and has 5 settings for your most popular comfort and bathing wants.

Automatic Temperature Sensing Element

best handheld shower head review

You will love the high power of the semiconductor diode hand shower that contains a in-built automatic temperature sensing element for your final comfort and pleasure. it functions well and you'll perpetually have the precise temperature of the water that you simply want.


This hand-held shower is formed of stainless steel chrome, so that you recognize that this device can work well for you for an awfully long time; since you would like your hand-held shower to be perpetually obtainable for all of your bathings wants.


The semiconductor diode lighting of the nozzle makes it most fun to use. It’s good thanks to initiating your day with pleasure that may cause you to smile.

LED Color and Durable

best handheld showe head review

The 3-color semiconductor diode lights amendment mechanically in keeping with water temperature and square measure high-powered by running water! No batteries square measure ever required.

The semiconductor diode lights have a protracted lifetime of 100,000 hours. That’s over ten years of serious daily use!


You can connect this semiconductor shower system in minutes while not tools to any commonplace overhead shower arm.


1. This can be a cushy hand-held shower to use every day.

2. The temperature management is thus precise, in order that the water is thus nice and heat simply the means you wish it to be.

3. The lighting of the hand-held shower makes the washing expertise additional animating.

4. The hose is extremely well created, so that it offers you a load of length to be able to shower well.

5. This can be a substantial shower head of top quality chrome so that it'll last for an awful while.

6. This hand-held quality nozzle contains a temperature management.

7. The hose is extremely versatile to succeed in those areas that you simply got to reach.

8. The spray is extremely powerful.

9. The semiconductor diode lighting changes colors to create showering fun.


1. Some expressed that this device leaks badly.

2. Some might notice that it doesn't management the temperature of the water okay in the slightest degree.

3. Some could also be unsuccessful with the means the merchandise is prepackaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Is that the temperature reading on the LCD display in Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Answer: Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit and it has been operating nicely for months. Solely counts in odd numbers, however, ninety nine, 101, 103... However, that is excellent by American state.

Q. however is that the "Massage" setting on this shower head? Will it provide an excellent "pulse" there too, or will it simply stream out of the middle nozzles?

Answer: It simply streams.

Q. I’m searching for metal not plastic on the hand-held shower fixture, apart from wherever the water flows out. Is that this shower fixture plastic or metal?

Answer: Sorry. It the hand unit is totally plastic. It will want a prime quality plastic, though.

Q. What size is that the rib outlet that the hose attaches to on the mount?

Answer:  Same size because the shower head.

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Final Verdict

The HotelSpa all chrome five setting semiconductor denoted; LED hand-held shower head with lighted LED temperature show could be a marvelous hand-held shower head that proves to be one in all the simplest on the market. You’ll love the practicality and style. The temperature management is convenient and therefore the dynamical colors square measure exciting. This handheld shower head is created with exceptional quality and everyone the correct options that you just square measure trying to find in an exceedingly beautiful hand-held shower head for you and your family to use. It’ll work well for an awful while.

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