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Upgrade your restroom into a better-off and practical one with KOHLER K-17493-CP Flipside 01 Hand shower. As its name suggests, this hand shower may be a flipside one associate degreed option an innovative technology referred to as a flip stream. No matter your mood are, you'll get pleasure from being in your shower as a result of this shower offers you four showering sensations. All you've got to try to is flip or rotate the spray face of the shower and you'll be able to get pleasure from four entirely different sensations, as well as the soft palter, targeted massage, exhilarating circular spray, and also the ancient full spray.

best handheld shower head reviews

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With the shower's simple use, you sure can love this innovative hand shower of Kohler. It additionally has the advanced applied science creating it straightforward for you to carry and maneuver. Even the shower is simple to flip to the position as you want.

This hand shower by Kohler which associates degree innovative hand shower with four spray settings. Every one of those settings is intended to meet particular spray necessities. The Flip stream technology provides ease in use by creating the ever-changing mode method easier and easier. Its technical specifications are delineating as follows:

Meets your desires

Add the choice of a shower to your bathing tub or upgrade your existing nose with the Flipside hand shower. Designed to suit the planning of ancient or modern bogs, it is also ideal to be used during a bathing tub with young youngsters or pets, or to scrub the bath and shower.

Four Showers in One

best handheld shower head reviews

With your selection of 4 spray faces, the Flipside hand shower permits you to fancy the spray that most closely fits your desires. The Coverage could be a full spray that's excellent for everyday use, whereas the Cotton releases a dense, soft pelter that resembles a spa spray.

The Komotion and Kurrent area unit ideal for massaging the body, with Current providing a targeted massage spray associate degreed Komotion delivering a gardant spray in such a unique style that relaxes and refreshes.

Item Number and Model

Part range and item model range for this shower product are K17493-CP. The total hand shower system weighs around one pound. The dimensional necessities for Kohler K17493-CP are 5x12.4 inches of the house.

Built and Chrome Finish

The hand shower is made in step with the transmutation vogue. Kohler 17493-CP is out there in polished chrome color with polished chrome end. The rate of flow and water consumption for Kohler 17493-CP is 2.5GPM (gallons per minute) that equates to 9.5 liters per minute.

Design and Elegance

best handheld showe head reviews

Coming over to the options list, its transmutation style with sleek, flowing lines adds magnificence to the present hand shower. For switch between modes, it utilizes the Flip stream technology. Every spray provides wonderful pressure and performance. The Kohler 17493-CP is meant in keeping with associate degree engineering science pattern to supply ease in use.


Installation of this hand shower is quick and straightforward if you have already got a hand shower in your toilet and some tools. All you'll have is Associate in nursing spanner, and your showers are going to be prepared for minutes. If you are substitution an everyday nozzle with the Flipside, you'll have to get the Kohler K-8593-CP Master Shower 72-Inch Metal Shower Hose for untroubled installation.


1. Engineering style.

​2. Elegant seek for its style.

​3. Every spray face features a dedicated face.

4. Four spray settings.

​6. Flip stream technology.

7. The rate of nine.5 liters per minute.

8. Correct quantity of pressure and flow.

9. Straightforward installation.

10. Restricted lifespan guarantee provided by Kohler regulator.​


1. Plastic construction.

2. Many issues could also be faced throughout dynamic shower spray patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Does it come with a hose and slide bar?

Answer: What come in one package are the flip head and the tube holder which is plastic. Installation is easy and works well

Q. Does this require a bar that is mounted to hold it?

Answer: So long as the hook will hold the Shower Heads. It should be perfect and Keep in mind that, the showerhead is quite hefty. So the hook and attachment would need to be high enough.

Q. Does it come with screen washer?

Answer: I believe it does, I know I didn't need anything to install it.

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Final  Verdict

The Flipside system brings you four different high-quality showering sensations, every with its dedicated spray face on your alternative of 3 distinctive models. Innovative Flip streamª technology makes choosing a twig each straightforward and classy.

It is a featured hand shower by Kohler that is jam-choked with its Flip stream feature. The spray settings square measure terribly wonderful. Among simple installation, this hand shower is operated with cleaner hands. Its advanced stream technology permits the modes to be switched effectively quickly and with none inconvenience. Overall, Kohler 17493-CP is a decent hand shower system with a lot of spray settings and best quality assurance of Kohler.

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